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TESLA’S ROOM 3327: Grandest memorial to human ungratefulness will never be built

Tesla Memory Project
UNESCO Center for Peace

By the time I was accommodated in Tesla’s room, 3327, exactly 70 years passed since his last breath. I was invited to the first Tesla Commemorative Conference, held in his honour and in memory of his death at the New Yorker Hotel on January 7th 2013. I had written a book some years before that, naming it Tesla’s Peace Frequency. Apparently it was a story of his very last three days of life, but on a deeper level the book reflected his lifelong efforts of bringing peace to the nations of the world. He understood better than anyone that wouldn’t be an easy task, as wars were mass movements devoid of reason, resting soundly on the blind obedience and false beliefs of the nations involved, and mass needs the component of time in order to calm down. Pure physics, soaked with blood, honouring – Death. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing honourable. Just that.

On that particular evening I was astounded at being in his room, as I had been for the past three days. I was overwhelmed by this marvellous fact: Tesla could still attract people to follow his ways.

Nothing had changed except the component of time. T equalled 1943 +70 and for this peculiarity, Tesla was the only one missing from that evening’s picture of room 3327.

Regarding the space component of the same formula, nothing important had changed. The dimensions of his room were the same, the entire hotel had only been slightly modified and a kind of energy that was almost tangible in his room was floating there. I took a seat on one of the two beds that now furnish his room and looked around. The space in which we confined Nikola Tesla, one of the grandest minds of modern history, was claustrophobically small from ceiling to the floor and from one side of the room to the other. I could vividly picture him, as tall as he was, wandering at a slow pace around this small box. I thought, with all the certainty in my mind, that a more remarkable memorial to human ungratefulness than room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel would never be erected.

I managed to hear Tesla’s austere objection: “Natalija, I didn’t need a huge space in order to think!”

I protested: “It is not about you any more, Mr. Tesla. Rethinking; it was never about you. The room isn’t so much telling about you as it is mirroring us, the humans, ungrateful fools. You pretty much cast pearls before swine,don’t you think?”

Nikola Tesla was gentleman enough not to respond.

Natalija Princi, writer