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Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man. The biography of the man himself cannot be written.
Mark Twain

As I happen to agree with Twain’s statement, let’s keep it short as I don’t like to give unusual attention to my clothes and buttons. My formal education is in economics and entrepreneurship but a strong personal passion drags my waking hours towards intensive exploration of psychology and human behavior. Besides the love for written words I particularly adore staring at old master paintings, taking great pleasure in exploring the contents of their messages, depicted in a manner not to be outdated for centuries in advance. Part of my studies in economics was pursued in Italy at ITC “F. Severi“ in Gioia Tauro (R.C) in Italy but ultimately I’ve graduated t University of Economics in Split (Croatia) where I continue to live with my family.


Bombastic Alchemy

This beautiful fictional story starts with the first tarot card - THE FOOL - the most accurate description of each one of us at the beginnin...

Adam the First Illuminati

If one was to choose a limited number of wise pictorial depictions of human behavior since the beginning of humankind that would certainly...

Osmi grijeh

(Croatian) Posluh nije ubrojen u sedam glavnih grijeha jer se smatra da čovjek, koji je obdaren slobodnom voljom, neće biti poslušan, ve...

Teslina Frekvencija mira

Portret jedne vrline
Teslina frekvencija mira je portret posljednja tri dana života velikog Tesle, napisan u obliku njegove posljednje molitve. U Ime Oca Te...

Tesla's Peace Frequency:

The portrait of a virtue
Nikola Tesla is a synonymous with the "Man who invented the 21st century." The two are the same person. Nevertheless, about himself he w...

Adamu s ljubavlju

(Croatian) Jedan način života, onaj poznati - umire, a drugi još nije rođen. To je faza stvaranja feniksa i neki se nikada ne uspiju di...
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